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Sonic Boom - KISS

KISS 11 yıl aradan sonra harika bir albümle geri döndü. Bu sefer gaz şarkılar değil de sıkı parçalar yapmışlar. Özellikle açılış parçası "Modern Day Delilah" ve "Russian Roulette" defalarca dinlenecek şarkılar.

Bu aralar çok fazla yeni albüm çıkmasına rağmen çokça dinlediğimi söyleyebilirim.

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  1. wikipedia şöyle diyor:

    In December 1972, the group added lead guitarist Ace Frehley (born as Paul Frehley on April 27, 1951 in the Bronx, New York City). According to the book Kiss & Tell by Ace Frehley's former best-friends, Gordon G.G. Gebert and Bob McAdams (who accompanied Ace Frehley to the audition) the eccentric Frehley impressed the group with his first audition, although he showed up wearing two different sneakers (one red and one orange) and began warming up on his guitar while another guitarist was being auditioned by the band. A few weeks after Frehley joined, the Wicked Lester name was dropped and the band became Kiss.
    The Kiss logo

    Stanley came up with the name; as he, Simmons, and Criss were driving around New York City. Criss mentioned that he was in a band called Lips, so Stanley said what about Kiss (Reminisced by Simmons on the Kiss video Exposed). Frehley created the now-iconic logo (making the "SS" look like lightning bolts) when he went to write the new band name over Wicked Lester on a poster outside the club where they were going to play. The runic letters happened to look similar to the insignia of the Nazi SS, a symbol that is now illegal to display in Germany. Therefore to avoid controversy, after 1979 most of the band's album covers and merchandise in Germany have used a modified version of the logo, in which the "SS" looks like a backwards "ZZ." However, Simmons is Jewish and his mother is a Holocaust survivor. The band's name has been rumored to have many hidden meanings, among them an acronym for Knights In Satan's Service or Keep It Simple Stupid. None of these rumors have any basis in fact, and the band has consistently denied them.


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