22 Kasım 2009 Pazar

64-bit PiSi

64-bit'te ilk paketlediğimiz program sevgili meren'in PiSi Hello World'ü oldu:
$ pisi build -d pspec.xml
Outputting packages in the working directory.
Building PiSi source package: merhaba-pisi
DEBUG: RepoDB initialized in 0.000104904174805.
DEBUG: ComponentDB initialized in 0.000452995300293.
Safety switch: the component system.devel cannot be found
Fetching source from: http://cekirdek.uludag.org.tr/~meren/merhaba-pisi-1.0.tar.gz
merhaba-pisi-1.0.tar.gz [cached]
Source archive is stored: /var/cache/pisi/archives/merhaba-pisi-1.0.tar.gz
Unpacking archive...
unpacked (/var/pisi/merhaba-pisi-1.0-1/work)
Setting up source...
Sandbox enabled build...
Building source...
Sandbox enabled build...
Testing package...
Sandbox enabled build...
DEBUG: return value for "install -m0755 -o root -g root merhaba-pisi.py /var/pisi/merhaba-pisi-1.0-1/install/usr/bin" is 0
** Building package merhaba-pisi
Generating files.xml,
Generating metadata.xml,
Build number is not available. For repo builds you must enable buildno in pisi.conf.
Creating PiSi package ./merhaba-pisi-1.0-1.pisi.
DEBUG: return value for "lzma -1 -z install.tar" is 0
All of the files under the install dir (/var/pisi/merhaba-pisi-1.0-1/install) has been collected by package(s)
Keeping Build Directory
*** 0 error(s), 2 warning(s)

Sonuç şöyle:
# ls                                                                                                                                                
actions.py merhaba-pisi-1.0-1.pisi pspec.xml

Ve hatta:
# pisi info merhaba-pisi
Installed package:
Name: merhaba-pisi, version: 1.0, release: 1, build --
Summary: PiSi Hello World Application..
Description: Just a basic application. Nothing to describe.
Component: None
Distribution: Pardus, Dist. Release: 2009
Architecture: x86-64, Installed Size: 102.00 B
Reverse Dependencies:

Google Summer of Code 2018

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